Olena is a classical singer who has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember. With a rigorous formal training in music high school and academies of Ukraine and Austria, she devoted her formative years to developing her voice, working with both world-class vocalists and actresses, as well as taking a series of masterclasses from internationally recognised coaches. Today, she is a rising star on the classical scene and has her sights set internationally, something helped by an ability to speak six languages.

Olena’s creativity finds its kindred expression in the world of fashion. Likewise a strong interest from an early age, she now pursues a parallel career as a photo model, working for both high-end agencies and individual clients.

This broad-based career allows Olena to indulge her interest in travel and nature, but she also finds time to recharge, designing and making an eclectic range of crafts that include embroideries, hand-made garments, and decorative household items.

Olena Pognoievska

Classical singer

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